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Top 7 reasons why being an iCMO is better than having a full-time CMO job

Pro Tip: We did a recorded livestream on this. You can watch below!

iCMOs are the new CMO. The role is still in its infancy but it's quickly becoming a popular position with companies who want to be innovative and progressive in their marketing efforts. If you're looking for an opportunity that will allow you to take on more responsibility, have your voice heard, and work with cutting edge technology then this blog post is for you!

Here are 7 reasons why being an iCMO is better than having a full-time CMO job.

1. Flexibility of how to work, when to work and where to work

When you’re an iCMO, you’re valued not just on how much time you spend at the office, or available on Slack/Teams, but you’re actually valued on the effectiveness of your ideas, how you build a plan and the results of the execution. You know - you get measured on the stuff that builds confidence and moves the needle. Politics and internal drama go away - the pure work of a CMO gets to shine.

2. Choose who to work with

This may seem like a pie in the sky idea, but the beauty of the iCMO model at Grow is that we’re incredibly selective of the CMO’s we bring on and even more selective of the clients we decide to serve. We want to support companies w

ho have the potential, the willingness and the drive to achieve great results.

3. Freedom to do what you do best - bring your strength

Different environments need different types of iCMO’s. As such, you get to bring your greatest strength, whether it be awareness building, brand creation, demand creation or other gifts you have.

4. Respected more as an outside advisor

It’s truly amazing how much better it feels to be respected as an outside voice of logic and reason as compared to working as a full-time CMO, where there’s constant judgement, opinions and the feeling that everyone knows how to do marketing. As an outside consultant, you are the ultimate voice of reason.

5. Variety: Work across multiple clients - not just one

While this doesn’t apply to everyone, I have had many conversations with CMO’s who have expressed a great frustration with focusing on only one company, one team and one product. Being an iCMO lets you work across multiple clients, get the variety you might need and have a whole lot more fun.

6. Eternal Honeymoon period

Love is in the air - at least for the first few months...then it changes to something different. as an iCMO - our typical engagements are 6-9 months. Just enough time to build out something great for our clients and then hand the keys over to someone else and get to the next honeymoon.

7. Impact

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: to know we've made an incredibly positive impact on the success of our clients' businesses. As an iCMO, you'll be able to do this significantly more times than working as a CMO for just one company.

Being an iCMO isn't for everyone, but it is worth looking into. If it sounds like something of interest, then check us out:

Want to see the video recording of the livestream we did? Click Below!


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