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GROW Powerful leverages a proprietary matching system that has proven to identify the most ideal working relationships with our fractional CMOs and interim CMOs. 

It's the reason why our engagements are the longest in the industry and yield the greatest results.

This system, called the Ideal Client Match Optimizer (iCMO for short) has been proven to set client engagements up for success, speed the process of onboarding and get achieve growth goals in record time - faster than any other fractional CMO services on the market today.  

Our proprietary system goes beyond matching with just industry, tenure and availability.  GROW's iCMO system dives deep into personality profiles, communication style, coordination processes, backgrounds, experience and operational preferences.  

This algorithmic system has helped clients gain confidence in our team to deliver in the most efficient and effective manner to achieve rising revenue targets and expand beyond the goals of growth. 

Schedule time below to learn more about our innovative and unique system can help your growth-phase company fuel growth and power profits.  

See how you might match up with one of our incredible iCMOs like Bill Decker, Stephanie Hudson, Law Smith, and more from the team!

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