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AI Transformation Sessions 
To Accelerate Your Go-to-Market Success

Generative AI Sessions

Gain a Competitive Edge with Generative AI and Your Go-to-Market Program

Unlock the power of AI for your Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies with our AI Transformation Workshop. Dive deep into actionable insights, tailor AI-driven GTM plans, and revolutionize your marketing approach. Join us to harness AI's potential and transform your business trajectory.

AI Transformation Workshop for Go-To-Market Strategies

Objective: Equip your business leaders with the knowledge and deliver actionable recommendations to leverage generative AI in your go-to-market efforts to gain a competitive advantage.

Our workshop will consist of three key areas: 

  1. Workshop preparation

  2. 3-Hour deep dive session (two different sessions) 

  3. Take-aways/action plan

Preparation Work

1. Pre-Workshop Questionnaire:
   - Current understanding and familiar
ity with AI and generative AI (let's not waste time)
   - Existing marketing strategies and channels in use.
   - Key business challenges and goals for the next 12-24 months.
   - Data infrastructure and technology stack.
   - Current resources (both tech and human) involved in your GTM program.

3-hour Session

1. Introduction (15 minutes):
   - Brief on the transformative power of generative AI.
   - Overview of the session's objectives and expected outcomes.

2. Generative AI 101 (30 minutes):
   - Brief history and evolution of generative AI.
   - Real-world examples of how businesses leverage generative AI in GTM programs.

3. Deep Dive into Participant's Business (45 minutes):
   - Review responses from the pre-workshop questionnaire.
   - Identify existing strengths and gaps where generative AI can be applied.

4. Generative AI for Go-To-Market Strategies (45 minutes):
   - Personalizing marketing campaigns using AI.
   - Content generation for social media, blogs, and email campaigns.
   - Predictive analytics for lead scoring and targeting.
   - Enhancing customer service through AI-driven chatbots and support.
   - Streamlining operations and automating repetitive tasks.

5. Interactive Hands-On Exercise (30 minutes):
   - Participants will be given a hypothetical business scenario or utilize a current issue within the business today.
   - In real-time, apply generative AI techniques to address the scenario's challenges.

6. Wrap-Up and Recommendations (15 minutes):
   - Summarize key insights from the session.
   - Offer tailored recommendations for the next steps based on the deep dive into the participant's business.

Key Take-Aways:
  1. Personalized AI Action Plan: A tailored roadmap on how to integrate generative AI into your specific business model and go-to-market strategies.

  2.  Resource Guide: A list of tools, platforms, and resources to kickstart your generative AI journey, including potential vendors, online courses, and further reading materials.

  3. Best Practices Checklist: A checklist of do's and don'ts when implementing generative AI in marketing efforts, ensuring that ethical considerations and best practices are always at the forefront.

  4. Follow-Up Support: A follow-up session  for participants to address any questions or challenges you mayface as you start your generative AI journey.

By the end of the workshop, participants will not only have a comprehensive understanding of generative AI's potential but also a clear, actionable roadmap on how to harness its power for specific business needs.

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