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GROW Powerful delivers its expertise in several models: iCMO, Playbooks, and Programs.  Whichever you choose, Grow delivers results. 


When companies are in accelerated growth mode, their CEO needs more than a marketing agency bringing disconnected tactics without business understanding.  They need a true business partner that works alongside the CEO and their sales operation to drive leads, revenue, brand awareness, go-to-market strategy and most importantly —  growth.  

Depending upon budget and need for growth, GROW Powerful offers multiple iCMO (interim CMO) program levels to partner with a company’s leadership to deliver results.  Starter mode, Grow mode or Grow Powerful mode - you’ll find one that’s right for you.

Levels that will fit your needs: 

  • Starter Mode: Designed for companies who are looking for high-level guidance and support to help align and recommend direction of their growth strategy. 

  • Grow Mode: Designed for companies who are looking for a combination of high-level guidance and support as well as hands-on marketing tactics to help align and recommend direction of their growth strategy while delivering on some tactics.  

  • Grow Powerful Mode: When growth is the primary strategy for the company, GROW POWERFUL MODE builds an entire program for you that delivers on all aspects of a growth marketing program.  Designed for companies who are in major scale-up mode and need expert direction with results. Companies will enjoy their extended, powerhouse team that has a combination of high-level guidance and support as well as hands-on marketing tactics to help align and recommend direction of their growth strategy while delivering an extensive amount of tactics.  


Sometimes it’s easier to let the experts run parts of your growth program for you.  While it would be nice to have as much growth expertise in house to run your growth programs, the reality is that it can become incredibly expensive, especially when your strategy may be adapting to market needs and you don’t want to be stuck with employees that don’t match your new direction.  


In those cases, GROW will deliver expertise to lead programs to success.  These programs are specifically focused on certain types of growth programs - ongoing engagements - that support the way you need to achieve and even exceed your revenue targets.  


Aligning with the sales and marketing programs, GROW will deliver measurable programs and move the needle forward to increase awareness, conversions, engagements and ultimately new forms of revenue.  Let GROW drive your revenue forward!


Sometimes you need to have the experts guide you through a process to get you to that next level of growth.  Once that engagement is done, the organization needs a single place to go to get access to the work done, a growth guide, a growth bible, or better yet: a playbook that encapsulates all the expertise and focus for your company.  


When we engage with clients on an individual project, we want to make sure that the expertise shared and the knowledge gained is institutionalized in a single guide.  We call these guides playbooks.  Just like with professional sports teams who are on a mission to win, our playbooks are designed so that everyone in the company can take the work done and leverage it across their entire organization.  


Just like it being better to teach a person to fish instead of asking for fish at all times, playbooks are designed to empower the organization to leverage the expertise and knowledge gained well past our engagement.

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Messaging Playbook

Often technology companies start out focused on their product, and lose sight of the customer and market challenges. The Messaging Playbook defines and captures the essential company and top level product positioning. It focuses on the customer problem being addressed - the WHY – and covers the target market –the WHO – and key differentiators – the HOW. Grow will develop this Playbook through a series of interactive sessions company stakeholders. The result will be a messaging document with content that can be used on websites, PR, marketing materials, and throughout the sales process.

Visual Brand Playbook

Once the messaging is understood, your company needs a visual identity to reinforce the story through every interaction with prospects, customers, investors and even employees. The Visual Brand Playbook establishes a complete branding platform, which may include logo, colors, visual elements, and communication themes   creating consistency and market strength across ad campaigns, events, website and marketing materials.

Channel Marketing Playbook

There is both an art and science to activating, energizing and growing a thriving channel partner business.  Channel partners are needy, want everything done for them and have tons of competing solutions being thrown at them, which seems like a formula for disaster...But when they have what they need, know about your solution well and can entrench it into their way of doing business, the growth is limitless.  Building a channel marketing playbook will set up your indirect channels for success.  

Campaign & Demand Generation Playbook

The Demand Gen Playbook answers the questions of Go-to-Market strategy for your next phase of growth. Examining the full marketing mix, including current direct and channel sales, sales development (SDR/BDR), lead generation and marketing communication strategies, this Playbook identifies a program designed to establish predictable sales funnel activity leading target achievement. The Playbook identifies team building recommendations, spending priorities, rough budget allocations, and KPIs to monitor, based on the Grow team’s past successes in achieving revenue growth.

Product Launch Playbook

Launching new products can be one of the greatest tools of growth.  Expanding existing customer engagements, reaching new markets and building new teams to accomplish this is one of the most exciting programs in the realm of B2B Tech.  When you have a playbook on how that product's value is conveyed, how it fits with the other products and how it fits within the brand, and how it will work to grow revenue with a well planned playbook is a formula for success.  

US Market Expansion Playbook

Specifically designed for international technology vendors wishing to gain traction in the US market, this Market Expansion Playbook provides the basic framework for a US Go-to-Market plan. Sales teams, influencers, demand gen tactics, and market dynamics are different in the US market than in European, Asian or Australian markets. American companies are often reluctant to engage with international vendors who don’t bring a US focused perspective. This Playbook identifies the strategies and tactical steps needed to achieve success in the world’s largest single B2B market.

Web Design Playbook

Having an online presence is no longer an option, it's expected. Make sure your website represents your company proudly and generates the experience you want your customers to have. From branding alignment to better results on search engines, make your website traffic count. This playbook will identify immediate areas for improvement, offer design enhancements and overhauls, evaluate website responsiveness and better capture current traffic to improve your conversion rates. 

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