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BEWARE of Fraudulent Fractional CMO services

What's Happening?

As there's a rise in the popularity of leveraging Fractional CMO's to help companies grow, there's also a scam taking place that we keep seeing and frankly, have to clean up the mess.

There is an immense growth in the popularity and adoption of Fractional CMO's in the B2B tech world. The ability to hire a battle-tested, proven, and impressive growth marketing leaders and operators is a game changer for emerging technology companies.


But just as there are amazing senior leaders that offer fractional services, there's just as many (if not more) that are falsifying, duping, lying and scamming companies who are desperate to find growth.

Who's to blame? PR agencies, digital agencies, copywriters, designers and others that are hopping on the bandwagon and abusing the term, "Fractional CMO" so that they can charge more money.

Want to Learn More?

Join Grow Powerful Tuesday, September 6th for the Livestream: BEWARE of Agencies advertising Fractional CMO services.

During this session, I will help you figure out how to spot a phony Fractional CMO, how to align your needs with the capabilities of a true Fractional CMO, and share stories I've seen from the trenches when good companies make bad choices in their Fractional CMO resources.


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