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Outside CMO's Rejoice!...And welcome in "The Great Resignation" with open arms

Outside CMOs may be better than those inside

As we settle in to the new world that is post-pandemic, post-burnout, and lets be honest: post-bulls**t, we're learning more about ourselves, our priorities and how much more control we have over our lives than we ever did before.

We're all learning in real-time just how much power we have to create the balance and the lifestyle that we've been seeking for a long time now.

As an outside CMO, I feel your pain

I have been an agency owner, a product manager and have worked my way up to being CMO in tech companies - where I felt I had less control and less ability to get the job done - whether it be because of rules I had to follow as an employee, the tiptoeing that must be done to cautiously get things done without stepping on all those toes. I admire those that are able to do it with great success and results. You've got my most humble respect.

Outside CMO - in is sooooo much better (IMHO)

For the past two years, my partners and I have been building GROW POWERFUL to be a powerhouse of fractional iCMO's, who step in with B2B tech companies to launch new growth initiatives or help with continuity when there's a transition at the top of the marketing organization. We are fractional outside CMOs who step in to create marketing organizations from scratch, fix broken marketing, or take on a key initiative in transition while creating a marketing attack plan as so that our client companies can accomplish a key task that drives growth.

It's fun. It's exciting to get these new initiatives off the ground and then help drive that program to reach the goals we set out to deliver.

As an outside CMO, or a "virtual insider", we are able to bring that "trusted outside expertise" in to the organization. Like John Wayne riding in on horse to save the day, our clients see us as coming in to save the day.

As a CMO, is "The Great Resignation" and outside CMO role for me?

Only you can decide what's right for you. Career goals, family dynamics and personal preferences obviously must be considered, but in a world where more people are working remotely and the benefits (financial and ancillary) are getting more challenging, isn't it worth taking a moment to see if you'd make a great iCMO and be a part of a movement that works out better for companies, offers more flexibility, gives CMO's more control and ultimately better for us all?

Welcome to The Great Resignation. We're building an army of iCMO excellence - come check it out and see if an outside CMO role is right for you.

From the mouths of GROW POWERFUL clients:

“We needed to launch a new business opportunity and rebrand our company in a very short timeframe. Grow Powerful came highly recommended to us and they delivered. Within a few short months, we had launched the new business, as well as a new brand that the company is excited about. Grow’s leadership and partnership made this possible”.
- Korb Matosich, Asserta Health.


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