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Can Growth Come from Fractional Leadership?

We’ve seen the rise in Fractional CFO’s, HR, Ops and now the growth components of a business are on the rise with fractional resources.

As emerging companies are embracing the amazing talent of fractional or interim leadership, there are two main disciplines that are picking up speed right now: Fractional marketing leadership and fractional sales leadership But is that the right move - to have the growth part of your business handled by fractional sales and marketing leadership?

Some think so.

Maybe this accelerated adoption of fractional growth leadership is a result of the current economic climate, a post-pandemic fad, or here to stay.

Stay or Go?

The Fractional CMO role might stay. So might the Fractional Sales Leadership. Or both could be shorter-term approaches.

We’re going to dive into this concept, weigh the benefits and challenges with each, look at the fractional leadership for growth holistically, and share some insights learned from CEO’s who are for and against the idea.

Let's find out:

Join us on Tuesday, August 23 @ 11:00am as we take two of the fastest growing companies who are delivering in both arenas to talk about many things fractional/interim, including when to use fractional, what's a better model, comparing the two disciplines and much more!

This will be a joint session with two companies that are right in the middle of this model: Vendux (sales) and GROW (CMO).

Our topic leaders will be Henning Schwinum, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Vendux (Fractional Sales Leadership) and Brett Schklar, Managing Partner at GROW Powerful (Fractional CMO's). We'll look at both disciplines, what's working and not working for each discipline, and how to win leveraging fractional or interim executive talent.

We hope to see you there.


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