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The Rise of the B2B Tech CMO

It's a great time to be a CMO right now...

I keep my eyes open for what's happening with the CMO role in B2B tech.

I do this by being a part of the community in several Slack groups, some LinkedIn channels, conversations with VC's and conversations with recruiters.

Last week, I noticed a significant uptick in companies searching for CMO's in B2B Tech, like significantly significant 😀

This is great for the validation of CMO's in B2B tech.

This is great for the validation of the results CMO's have been able to demonstrate in their companies, with VC's and with the market.

This is great for the validation of turning the world of B2B from a "selling" experience to a "buying" experience.

This is even great for the validation of iCMOs (Fractional CMOs) and the ability we have to bring some significant marketing smarts to their clients in a better way.

Are you seeing the same?

P.S. We've got some really cool stuff coming up and even some insights you may have missed. Read on...

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