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"Anything is Possible"

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INDUSTRIES: B2B and B2C.  I would like to focus on manufacturing, SaaS and SaaS platforms, and tech. I can also do gaming since I have a background in that and some of the foundations apply to many B2B companies.

SPECIALTIES: Demand Generation, Product Marketing, Positioning, and    Messaging.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Rhonda Giedt helps B2B tech companies overcome obstacles to reach their next growth milestone

She has over 20 years of marketing experience leading teams for companies that include Jabil, MTV Networks, Sega, Electronic Arts and more. She has also assisted two start-ups to be purchased by multinational corporations as well as most recently take a company public on the NYSE.

In addition, she advises companies ranging from Pre-Seed to Series C stages. She is a hands-on marketing executive that understands early-stage start-up strategies continually evolve


Lastly, she is often asked to speak on a wide range of marketing topics for webinars, podcasts, and conferences.

Most recently she was asked to be a guest speaker at University of California Berkeley on the topic of business and product positioning.

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