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With the War in Ukraine, Should I Stop Posting on Social Media?

The world is a frustrating place right now. The talks of Covid on social media have been replaced with a new and completely unnecessary war inflicted upon a mostly peaceful country.

It's scary. It's frustrating. It's f***ed up.

But should you, as a #B2Btech company, stop what you're doing on social media? Is it considered offensive or "tone deaf" to continue posting? Is it "culturally insensitive"?

The answer is NO. (For the most part). I'll explain in more detail:

Should I post something about pausing relationships with Russian companies/partners/vendors?

If you're a global company and are doing business with companies/partners/customers in Russia, you should definitely be asking internally if your company should do something about it. There is no one-size fits all approach.

  • Does your company have core values that would provide guidance here?

  • Does your company want to take a stand (as many other companies have done?

  • Whether your company chooses to do something or not, should it be shared via social/blog/press release, etc?

It's important to think about the impact of individuals vs. companies. Many of my clients hire developers in/from Eastern Europe. Some are individuals and some are a part of companies. The question to ask is if a decision will make a statement to companies who operate in Russia vs. putting stress on individuals who may not have political preferences/ties and are just trying to do their job.

Should I post something about support for Ukraine?

Again - take a look at your company's core values - is there something in them that will give guidance?

I've seen many companies promote their support for Ukraine and have not seen any backlash against those companies. The best approach here is to minimize the amount of political conversation and focus on the support for the people of Ukraine.

Showing support for fellow humans (as long as it's truly authentic) is never a bad approach. Let the company's personality shine. Once you make a statement though - stick to it.

Should I pause my current Social Media schedule?

Unless you're involved in doing business with governments, or highly involved in the global political landscape, I STRONGLY URGE AGAINST pausing social media. Your business is likely not stopping. Your customers and prospects are not stopping their buying cycles, so don't cause harm to your business by pausing your social media & content programs.

Pausing social media, blogs and content will only hurt your business, slow down content cycles and eventually create a negative impact on the company's revenue/growth goals.

In the immortal words of many, "The Show Must Go On".

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this:


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