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The FinTech Fanboy: The Power of Storytelling with Derek Corcoran

"There's a Science to Storytelling"

This past week on the #GrowUpwithGrow livestream, we were joined by digital banking and FinTech expert: Derek Corcoran. Derek also runs The Fintech Fanboy, a blog dedicated to sharing his experiences and tips on how to capitalize in the world of digitized financial services.

During the livestream, Derek shared a few of the ways in which impactful storytelling can take your pitch from basic to dynamic, using just a few simple structural tweaks…

  • Tailor messaging to your select audience. Storytelling is a science, and without structure, there’s no effective avenues for communication. Targeting the human-centered element of storytelling is a surefire way to maintain attention from your audience.

  • Don’t let rainbows and unicorns cloud your story — compelling narratives allow clients to find the humanity in your mission.

  • Allow a ‘Rise and Rest structure to set your audience up to see the potential within your vision; following the ‘promise’ of your pitch with the applicable reality of current conditions allows clients to see the unique value of your concept.

  • Add practical, lived experiences to your story using a ‘Case Study-Solution-Result’ structure to demonstrate effective examples of previous problem-solving.

  • Dress up, slow down. Dressing up for your audience shows that you care about and value the time that they’re putting into listening to your message. Consequently, be thoughtful about the story that you’re crafting by ditching the filler words and allowing them time to digest what you’re saying.

  • Get familiar with your message. Whether it’s yours, a previous client’s, or an outside experience within your team, become comfortable enough with your ‘storytelling toolkit’ that it feels second nature.

  • Keep the details! Your authenticity matters, challenges and past failures included.

Stay Hungry.

Whether it’s keeping your eye on the ball (“The details matter”) or following Corcoran’s ‘No Meal’ practice (“Present hungry – feel sharper”), don’t skimp on the things that truly matter when it comes time to present your pitch: practice and drive will get you everywhere.

If you happened to miss our last livestream with Derek on The Power of Storytelling in FinTech and Beyond, be sure to check out our latest podcast episodes here.

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