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From resignation to recession - Fractional CMO’s might be a better option

The Tone has Changed OVERNIGHT.

Last week I was on a call with over 100 B2B Tech CMO’s. The normal optimism, brainstorming, discussing organizational challenges and opportunities went out the window. What’s replaced it?

“My board asked me to scenario plan a 25% reduction in the marketing team”.

“We’re not officially announcing a hiring freeze, but I was told to not make any official offers either”.

“I can’t approve any new event or shows without a discussion with the CFO first”.

Friends, the game has changed.

Yesterday saw one of the worst days on the stock market in decades. We might not have someone from the FED officially saying “The R Word”, but we’re pretty much there. Overnight, we’ve gone from a world where people were getting offers for 25-50% increase in salaries by switching companies to hoping that they will have a job by June. You may or may not like what I’m about to say, but I’ve lived through some downturns, and they have been the best for the fractional CMO business in B2B tech.

Here’s why:

  1. We’re not associated with headcount - it’s easier to end an agreement than terminate employment

  2. We’re not considered a headcount, so creative CEO’s & CFO’s can budget for us in creative ways.

  3. We’re able to bring new and fresh ideas to companies that help them ZIG while others in their industry ZAG.

So, what should WE do about it?

  • We’re not sitting back and waiting for the world to crumble. You shouldn’t either.

  • We’re reaching out to more VC’s, PE’s and CEO’s with an option that will deliver growth, while their competitors retrench. Are you?

  • We’re building out a community OF Fractional CMO’s, BY Fractional CMO’s and FOR Fractional CMO’s so that we can all win. Together.

Let’s work together, embrace “The R Word” and find opportunity in the chaos.

All The Best, Brett


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