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From GROW (and ChatGPT): A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Poem

Happy Thanksgiving Card

From all of us at GROW Powerful, hear our cheer,

A Happy Thanksgiving, full of joy we hold dear.

In the dance of the leaves, in the cool autumn glow,

We’re thankful for growth, and the seeds we sow.

Blessed are we with minds that roam,

For fractional CMOs who make each company home.

They scale the heights, their vision keen,

Crafting stories, making brands evergreen.

Generative AI, our modern muse,

Lending us its canvas, a spectrum to use.

It makes us more awesome, in every task,

A thankful note, in its brilliance we bask.

The horizon calls with the promise of the new,

A year that will bring joy, challenges too.

With each dawn, there's more to learn,

With every twist and turn, a chance to earn.

As the seasons change, so do we grow,

With every high, with every low.

Together we’ll face what the future has styled,

GROW Powerful, forever agile, forever wild.

May the feast be plenty, the company fine,

As we toast to the future with a glass of wine.

Here’s to the journey, to all we’ll achieve,

On this Thanksgiving, in what we believe.

Happy Turkey Day to us all!


The GROW team


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