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Engaging with Grace: How to Embrace Beneficial Exit Strategies

Here at GROW, we know a thing or two about going the distance.

Whether that be diligent calendar color-coding or a short 10-minute phone call with a client to check up on operations, it’s important to show not only that we care, but that we’re paying attention.

And while many things about business have changed over the course of the past 50 years, one thing has remained constant: the power of relationships.

In our latest podcast episode, we discussed just a few ways to demonstrate care and grace in transitioning out of an engagement with a client.

As fractional CMOs (or as we call it at GROW, iCMOs), we recognize that navigating an exit strategy is a highly individualized and personal process that depends on the nuances of the relationships with our clients, but here are a few foolproof quick tips to stick the landing.

  • Build a 30-day exit plan; have documentation, meet with key executives, or create a comprehensive presentation to gather any lasting feedback.

  • Institute a project management system - software such as Trello, Asana, and even Excel spreadsheets are highly effective planning tools.

  • Create hiring, marketing, and budgetary roadmaps for the future.

  • Offer a 90-day system management plan. Email marketing, Slack, and HubSpot provide excellent options for ongoing aid.

  • Open up a 30-day availability window for questions and/or inquiries.

  • Establish standard operative procedures to smoothen the exit process.

  • Provide networking connections and make introductions regardless of the connection quality.

  • Create calendar reminders to check in- putting in the effort to occasionally reconnect goes a long way.

We’d love to hear your thoughts: how are you consciously engaging with your clients?

All the best,



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