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INDUSTRIES: SaaS, HR and Talent Tech, Staffing, Future of Work

SPECIALTIES: Demand Generation, Go-to-Market, Brand Building,  Product Marketing, Services to SaaS transformations, MarTech optimization, Content Marketing

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Neha is a transformational marketing executive and go-to-market leader with over 15 years of experience building, expanding, and accelerating growth for early-stage B2B startups.  


Throughout her career, she's focused heavily on revenue growth acceleration and brand value creation in the talent/HR tech, staffing, and procurement/spend management spaces, holding marketing leadership roles across multiple early-stage startups and across several exits. Neha's also worked with several companies who are expanding their services businesses into a SaaS offering.

Her core strengths include rapidly pivoting strategies and making data-driven decisions, defining and refining categories and messaging, modernizing and transforming marketing organizations, and developing impactful teams that create value. Neha is a hands-on growth-focused leader with an equal love for both strategy and execution.

Neha is on multiple advisory boards and committees of companies in the Talent Tech, Blockchain, and Identity Management space, and is part of several communities aimed at improving opportunities for female executive leaders. She is passionate about projects that can ignite enthusiasm in team members and create simple and impactful messaging that elevates a company's culture while boosting the bottom line. She loves to help innovative early-stage B2B tech startups grow and reach their revenue and business goals.

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