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"Execution Eats Strategy for Breakfast"

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Law Smith

INDUSTRIES: Professional Services, Law Firms/Legal Services,Healthcare, Dental, Logistics / Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Financial Firms, Private, Equity Firms, VC Firms, Marketing Agencies,, IT MSPs,, Wellness product-based brands

SPECIALTIES:Lead Generation, Demand Generation, Customer Acquisition, Value Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Marketing Automation, Product Marketing 

Location: Tampa, Florida

Law Smith is a SMB B2B B2C Omnichannel Marketing Strategy and Business Advisor, Fractional CMO, owner/operator of Tocobaga, a Business Advisory and Growth Marketing Agency, professional stand up comedian since 2009 and host of Sweat Equity, the #1 comedy/business podcast in the world. 

His clients have referred to him as a "business therapist" and "a high-functioning freak - meant in the best of ways" because of his comprehensive, vast knowledge of the online and offline integrated marketing space and his adaptable ability to professionally communicate with any client.

Strategy-first approach: Law works big to small. Macro to Micro. He knows the biggest gaffe in the outsourced marketing services sector is focusing on tactics to begin. His approach is the following 6 phases:

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