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"Innovation Drives Results"

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Kay Kienast

INDUSTRIES: Technology, Services, SaaS

SPECIALTIES: Demand Gen, Branding, Go-To-Market, Product Marketing, Data, Channel Marketing

Kay Kienast is a data focused, infrastructure marketing executive that designs and implements end-to-end marketing programs that builds brands and rapidly acquires and keeps customers.  Kay is known for increasing revenue and profits by expanding the customer pipeline and enhancing prospect reach for direct and indirect channels.
Kienast has held team leadership roles in technology start-ups and international, multi-billion-dollar market leaders.  She has a track record of creating and building world class enterprise solution brands, and delivering ROI through integrated lead generation, content, social media, processes, people, and systems.  Kienast has completed 3 exits during her career – True Influence, Seagate Evault, and Avocent.

Kienast has held senior marketing and operations positions at some of the industry’s most innovative infrastructure companies, including GE, Seagate (Evault), Xerox, Adobe, Cisco, Bell Atlantic Corporation, CDW, and Dell Computer Corporation. Her start-up experience has involved four successful exits including True Influence.

Kienast was the recipient of the 552 Leadership Development Award from the Department Health, Education and Welfare allowing her to earn her Doctorate degree.  She has published numerous articles including Forbes Community and awards. 

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