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"Growth Requires Vibrant Leadership"

Drew Delaware
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INDUSTRIES: B2B, Non Profit, IT, Automotive; I really love diversity of industries - truly - but the one that still excites me tremendously is blockchain/fintech.

SPECIALTIES: Product Marketing, Lead Gen / Demand Generation Programs

Location: Hawaii / Canada

A vibrant and dynamic CMO who works with emerging companies, Drew is focused on marketing leadership, growth strategy, and brand development.

With a 15-year career spanning B2B SaaS and multiple industries, Drew has a solid track record of making outsized contributions to team wins. 

With Drew's prior career in programming and networking, including as Dean of ECommerce at one of Toronto's top colleges, Drew "speaks geek," making for strong cross-functional relationships.

Drew will help your company build an exciting growth marketing foundation. Working with Drew, we'll construct a roadmap that will allow you to hit your goals until you’re ready to hire a full-time marketing leader.

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