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Startup Development Team


Branding and Storytelling: 

Things That Will Help Your 

Software/SaaS Business Grow

JOIN US: January 26th, 2021 from 5:00pm - 7:15pm MST


Meet the Moderator:

Brett Schklar

Senior Partner, Grow Powerful

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A solid brand and brand story can be a game changer in how SaaS companies can scale growth.  

Marketing has become more science than design in recent years with automation, detailed metrics and advancements in MarTech.  But in this world of metrics and automation, the art of branding and storytelling can’t be ignored.  Please join our marketing leadership as we explore the value and execution of branding and storytelling. 

Come join this event to learn stories of how top SaaS leaders and marketers have leveraged the power of a great brand and brand story to fuel their growth and achieve their goals.  

What we'll cover: 

  • How to make sure your brand aligns with the needs of your target audience

  • How much should a company invest in branding and storytelling?

  • How do you know when the brand and story are working?

  • How often should that brand and story change?

  • Who should be building the content and managing the brand of your organization? 

  • How branding can contribute and increase value for an exit



More details:

This program targets marketing leaders, CEO's and finance leaders who want to engage with each other. The program is designed for CEO's, finance leaders, sales leaders and CFO's.  





Communications Manager
at Trackvia

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VP of Marketing
at Marketron

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Marketing Director
at TextExpander

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How to Sign Up

SoftwareCOLORADO looks forward to having one and all of its membership register. Please click the link below which will take you to their registration page and click on "Register without Signing In". If you run into any issues, please email  

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